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Good Morning Whatsapp Status 2019

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Good morning your day is good!

Every morning you feel loved, sleeping is good to wake up from sleep, whenever you miss someone… So he likes to remind you also. “good Morning have a nice day Good morning

Every morning you keep smiling, every evening you keep humming. My supplication is that everyone who meets you, keeps reminding you of all who meet you. “good Morning have a nice day¬† Good morning

To see how beautiful life is, we do not need to go far, where we can open our eyes and we can see it. Good faith

Every sunshine in the morning reminds me, every eerie fragrance sparkles magic, no matter how busy it may be, this life will be remembered in the morning. Have a nice day Good morning


Every burning lamp is dark under the lamp, after every night there is a morning, people are afraid to see trouble, but behind every trouble, there is a true night. ..Good Morning… Good morning

Someone said – When every particle is God in the particle then why do you go to the temple. Very beautiful answer

The wind also moves in the sun, but Anand comes in the chaheb, just like God is all the way but Anand comes only in the temple.


Do not wait for the night in the night, the fragrance does not wait for the weather, enjoy whatever joy you get, because life does not wait for the time. Good morning

In the morning, there is a festival of happiness, regardless of the people, neither the world’s music, the music of the birds, and the weather will be happy, this beautiful evening you are here. “good Morning has a nice day.

The lamp does not speak His light introduces, just do not speak anything in your own way, just do good deeds, you will introduce yourself there. “good Morning have a nice day.

Love is the thing …… .. which never gives bliss to a human being, and hate is that thing, which does not let the person ever blossom. The day is auspicious Good morning


If you are promised, you will be able to become the rays of the sun, come on your roof. Then we will decorate the flowers with flowers. Good morning

Depression is very much in life, but there is only fun to be happy without any reason, so always be happy. Good morning

It’s time to leave the sun, it’s time to blossom, wake up from sweet sleep, my friend, because it’s time to change dreams. Good morning

It is not necessary to have more relationships in life, but it is more important to have lived in those relationships. “good Morning have a nice day. Good morning

The beauty is always in the mind of the beholder and in the eyes, otherwise, those who make mistakes, there is also a decrease in the Taj Mahal. “good Morning have a nice day. Good morning

Your new morning will become so pleasant, all the things of sadness become old and you face so much smile, your smile may also become your addiction … … Good morning



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