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Sad Whatsapp Status 2019

Whatsapp Status

We are not ever πŸ‘¦ of them who are all πŸ‘₯.

πŸ‘₯ People who show much respect πŸ‘₯ tell, one day β›… tell that they are aliha…

Status 😘 Read πŸ‘€ till only πŸ“ keep people, πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬ Nobody has asked the name of this person.

kk rakhte ha, log πŸ‘«πŸ‘¬ Kisi ne iss aashiq 😍 ka Naam ko Tak Nahi pucha.


Much πŸ‘Œ said something to you, but when you can not understand the situation, then where will you understand things.

πŸ™‹ We keep intercourse πŸ’ then play it throughout the ages, we can not change πŸ’” nor do I love it and also love.

As long as the heart was πŸ’– one, then there was also one from Mohabbat, now the heart is broken, so many pieces of love are so much.

You πŸ‘± who used to tell me my own futures, today I have become your πŸ‘† past.


These days πŸŒ… also passed like the Qayamat 🌊, what was it to say πŸ€” talk about every 🏽 talk came.

I did it, but I did not want to do it.

You will not be able to think about the destruction of ours, you saw where I am, after the evening πŸŒ‡ being.

Thought we will make love in your heart by looting love, what did we know? By heart, we will remain homeless.

Never show mercy on us, πŸ’“ e Ishq, Imtiah βœπŸ“˜ loves us only. πŸ˜” This is not a fixed order.

I did not know what college I had had a degree of love, she said that all the promises made to me were fake.

Who will become now? πŸ‘€ My words are heard, when my Sanam 😞 has become Karban on some side…

Someone teaches us also to go back to the promises, to be very tired, to play.

You can not make such a big deal, you can not do it, you can not do it.



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