Whatsapp Status/ SAD Status Collection 2019

Whatsapp Status 2019

Whatsapp Status, Best Whatsapp Status, Sad Status Collection 2019

SAD Status 2019

Whatsapp Status

The name is not made in one day but one day it becomes definitely ..!

A pagli asked, ‘Where will they get’ Smiles’ … ..?
I even smiled and said:
Take a look … .from free …. !!!!

Happiness is not created. They arise from our own actions ..!

My rule was yesterday,
He is still today and will be tomorrow too,
The calendar is not mine,
Friends who do not change with the years ..!

We will fight them, who open hostilely, but what should they do, those who give smile to smile …!

Sometimes you get so relaxed from seeing that you feel that you have been watching all day.

The best relationship of the world is the same, where life becomes like the first with a slight smile and a small apology.

Let us draw lots of drawbacks, let us come in and out of others, even if we meet one.


It’s better to be wasted than to suspect someone, who is ruined by believing in someone.

A bit of trouble comes to me and my mother’s link to me is not difficult for you.

It is just that you should have a life … If you sit on the floor then people should call it my grandfather, not a coincidence.

Often your eyes are opened to you, whom you blindly trust.

Make a living in the house, but open the door always swan because if people know that you have broken from inside, then they will rob you of you.

No punishment, no pardon, and for us to burn, our selfie is quite enough.

Suppose that one of your voices gets crowded, but we are not too short, our voice crashes with a voice.

The heart is so crazy … always dying in the same thing, which does not even happen to it.


What we will understand is Nadan-e-Mohabbat !!
Just wanted you, you wanted and you would love !!

Of course, it is beautiful even today, but there is no smile on the face, which we used to bring …!

It will be remembered that we will be able to get rid of the book of tomorrow as soon as we smile on a page.

Let’s take pleasure in the taste of the genre too, after so much affection that what was not mine, what will happen to Oro?

How to narrate his separation in laughs … He lives in the heart … in the pain, in pain … and in the absence of an asshole …!


Even on his heart, what would be a lot of trouble..who would have named this pain, love!

The floor is also you, the seeker is you,
Hopefully, you are, it is also you,
How can I say that you are me and Junoon is yours too,
Now, when you are feeling, then life is also you.

The head is not forgotten, the love of a headache … people are the liver, who make new Mehboob every day!

Whoever insulted his mahaboob in God’s love, God separated him, to save his existence.

We stayed in persuading the hearts; Gera remained in pain to express his pain; The floor passed away from us; We were left to show others the way

Playing with a heart also comes to us … But in the game where the toy gets torn, we do not like the game.

When we knew from the time that you are unfaithful, just keep on loving you so that your nature may change.



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