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There is a lot of deficiencies in me, but by taking someone out and looking.

Do not see the status and the pagli;

Keeping money, also keeping guns, and son-son, even slightly repetitive or otherwise, keeps a zigzag.

Luck is everyone’s friend, but to get us, good luck.

Do not kill my heart, A pagli, the heart of the Nawab, not your cage birds.

Attitude is also dangerous, which forgets forgotten, then remembers the same word. Who are you?

Even when you are online, I do not have the habit of ignoring it, on the day you block it, the habit of making your Ignore will be heavy on you too.


Join us at Chale Jaao Meri Zindagi Mene Kaha Kon Ho Tum Bhai Sahab

If you give them more attention than the extent, their brother-in-law will grow up and grow.

Ayyashhi in front of the father, and do not forget the mischief, son, even in front of us.

Those whose eyes are not good, they treat their eyes.

Kisi Ko Nicha Dikhana Meri Fitrat Mein Nahi, Aur Koi Mujhe Nicha Dikhakar Bach Jaye, You Uski Kismat Mein Nahin

I never gave the answer to the brick to stone, just give the same brick back, which time to find the stone, to spoil the time.

Arrey, pagli is to remain in a relationship, then come and set the future, I will raise your lakhs of tambourines, otherwise, it is not the kind of tantrums like As A Friend.

Go Pagal Ji take your life, we are the queen of love, do not look at the faces of the mattresses.

It is my fame to think of this. They salute me, who greet you!

My life is like an each of cards, in front of which the king himself gets bowled, what does the sister-in-law “queen”



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