Whatsapp Status/ Life Status Collection 2019

Whatsapp Status 2019

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“Everybody forgets in life, even if they do not want to remove anyone from themselves!”

“There is an easy way to get everyone’s love in life. Always be mindless …!”

“The result near Winner, the loser has only arguments, the dreams of dreamers and the fulfillment of dreams are just a matter of hard work.


“Life taught me one thing, be happy in myself and do not expect anyone.”

“Those who make noise, in the crowd, remain a crowd, they find success in life, who do their work silently.”

“Let’s do the work, do the names. Or you can do it like this … it will be done!”

“Life is not easy to live, without great struggle there would be a great woman, as long as there is no hammer injury, even the stone is not God.”


“The bigger the dream, the more difficult it will be, the more difficult it will be, the more successful it will be.”

“What will happen in life,
Why every time thinks bad,
On the mounting floor, we,
What if not got anything
Tajurba will be new. “

“The lost person in the field can win again, but a lost man can never win.”

“Life is a journey of a thorn, pride is its identity, all the walks on the path, the way we make it is the person.”

“You can not change your future, but you can change your habits, and changed habits will change your future.”

“Whoever gets easily, does not live forever, who lives forever, can not get it easily …!”

“We need to change ourselves by learning from experiences in life. If we stop changing then one place will stop. The one who changes, the same goes. “

“Hurricane also needs to come in life, it is known who lives in hand and who leaves ..!”

“Touch phones in hands are good for status only, stay in touch for everyone is better for life.”

“Do not wait, as you think, life is getting faster than that.”

“Whatever fun comes when all are waiting for you to lose.”


“If you are right then do not try to prove something right. Be just right. Testify yourself time!”

I do not exist anymore in the love of the sword and the palace O Taj, in the heart of the people with the laugh of your talents and lips!

“I am understanding how and when life is changing, but I am unable to do anything or say anything ..!



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