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Whatsapp Status 2019

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Funny Status 2019

Whatsapp Status

I had exercised once and my skin had blossomed and my heartbeat became faster and the trouble of breathing was very dangerous

I do not think we can get through adulthood without adulthood and strong mid-finger.

If you receive any text / forward that says, “Send it to all your friends,” then please do not forget about your friend as thanking me

I am work in customer service because I apologize for things

I bought a wonderful watch, waterproof, shockproof, fireproof, bulletproof, acid proof, child proof and scratchproof lost it.


For those who say “Father’s Day” to “special person’s day”, you already have your day. Is April
Remove cooking from packaging Step 2: Drain out the package to detect cook time


Want in

While buying gas, I first bought dollars worth $ 3, where were they going? To pump 4?

I am old enough to remember when clearly the worst thing

Javascript occurs when your doctor writes you a recipe for more coffee. Everyone knows that.

He looks like a zoo, like an A-hole, you think he was beaten on the basis of his personality only.

Say what you want about PV Harman at least one actor

It is the club of the estimate that we all know why we are here

The first rule of fast food management: Always keep employees on the worst pronunciation on drive-through.

“Hey! No fair! You cleaned the bathroom last week! It’s my turn!” No one ever said

A new study states how we should feed cows, so they do not produce so much of the greenhouse gas methane. First of all, they recommend ending the tape night

Does anyone have a treadmill for sale? My closet is full and I need more space

There are two mothers-in-law in the sentence of Big



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