Whatsapp Status/ Funny Status Collection 2019

Whatsapp Status 2019

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Funny Status 2019

Whatsapp Status New

Brother, when there is a toilet in the house, why do people go out of the lottery?

Speak that eye
We will be infamous in the opposition

Pathan to Air Hostess: “Tumhra Shakal Hamara Biwi Se Milta Hai

Air Hostess:
Bakwas Band Karr Kaminey!

Pathan: “MashaAllah! Zuban also Milta Hai.πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

The wife took the sick husband to the doctor. 😌😌

The doctor said, ‘Give them good food,
Always keep happy, do not discontinue any problems of the house,
Do not worry about Falto’s suggestions,
So these will be fine in six months.

On the way, the husband asked the wife, “What doctor said?”

Wife quote doctor has answered

Teacher: If someone goes to the girls’ house then β‚Ή 100
Fine ..! For the second time β‚Ή 200 fine and for the third time straightforward 500 will be fine ..!

Student: Sir! If we have to make a monthly pass, then how much we will become.

New WhatsApp Status


Barati is so happy as crazy

Why are dancing




Groom – because I have spoken to them,

Dowry money

Will give …

Old Girl Friend’s Wedding Card Found

A little bit of trouble

Later thought

Will go

Mohabbat o place and paddy-vegetables in your place


In the order of Pandey’s job, it was written that

From the government, you will get a quarter,

And Pandey was so naΓ―ve that …..

On the day of joining, the office reached the saline.

The teacher took 1 coin from his pocket in the Science Lab and put it in the acid and asked the student to tell whether the coin will dissolve or not …
Student – Sir will not… 😏

Sir – Well done student but how do you know … ☹
Students – Sir if the coin had to be solved by putting it in the acid, then you would ask for the coin rather than picking it out of your pocket “… πŸ™

Slap slap “.
That baby grows up to be Arun Jaitley

πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ€£ ….. !!


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